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The Ongoing Evolution of Palliative Care Models $25.00
2016 Financial Management Conference

The Ongoing Evolution of Palliative Care Models

The Ongoing Evolution of Palliative Care Models is proudly presented to you by National Association for Home Care & Hospice. Thank you. We hope that you enjoy your course.

In the past few years, there has been increased demand for programs geared toward patients who do not elect or meet eligibility requirements for Medicare home health and hospice. These patients would fall between the cracks of traditional health service lines were it not for the increasing development of programs like palliative care and advanced illness management (AIM). Despite greater interest in AIM and palliative care, these programs are not well understood because they lack specific regulations or guidance setting, reimbursement, operations, stage in the disease process, or delivery models. On the other hand, the Medicare Care Choices demonstration project takes a more structured approach to palliative care. This session will review goals, models, and reimbursement for key variations of palliative care and AIM programs, and provide insights into clinical and financial management of these programs.

Learning Objectives

• Identify key models of palliative care and advance illness management, including the Medicare Care Choices model
• Explain the key payment sources and mechanisms for palliative care services
• Describe key factors for success in managing various models of palliative care delivery


Laura Patel, MD

Phaedra Kuze, MA

Raquel Braithwaite, MA, RN

William Musick, MBA, CHCP  


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The Ongoing Evolution of Palliative Care Models
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